Moments in time.

We all do things that give us definition. Often the things that define individuality are fleeting, looming large before and subsequently gone too quickly.  Conversely, some of the most beautiful moments live in the everyday grind and being commonplace are under appreciated until afterwards. 

Moments that give definition, often have little in common with life lead later.  How long after will the marching band student see uniforms as part of a daily routine, a racer still the feel jitters of toeing the line, or a woman remember the feel of being a bride?   The thing is, we will always be that marching band student, racer, bride, or whatever it is that gives each of us definition.  Always.

Years later, I want people to look at my event images and think, "Wow, that's really me --- that's me being me, and look at what I was doing then."

It's your moment, I won't miss.            -- Dave